Sunday Dinner- Chicken Alfredo Bake

by - 3/21/2016

The past few weeks have just been nuts. I went down to Arizona for two weeks in a row, and between those trips I got super sick. I never get sick and this one was so bad! I was pretty much on my death bed for a whole week and it was not fun. When I got better and got back from Arizona, I had so much schoolwork to catch up on! Needless to say, my dinner-making has been very limited to mac and cheese, canned soup and cereal lately. Last night I was so happy to FINALLY have the time to put together something somewhat decent for dinner. I made this Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake. It was so yummy, and I had pretty much everything to make it already. I also made my own Alfredo sauce for it and it was awesome! I LOVE finding recipes that are simple, but still so good.

Kody was also very excited to finally eat something that wasn't from a microwave :)


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