Product Review | Retinol Moisturizer

by - 3/31/2016

I have had a lot of questions about skincare stuff + makeup, so I've decided to start doing more product reviews on here! I LOVE trying new things (especially beauty products) and I probably buy something new every week, so I thought I'd share a little about them! 

Today I am talking about this Retinol Moisturizer from Oz Naturals. I am not sure if you can buy this in stores, but I have Amazon prime so I use Amazon for just about everything, including this :) 
I have always heard that Retinol is super good for your skin and for aging, but I have always been a little hesitant just to try it because 1) it is always so dang expensive and 2) I have heard that it is super powerful and burns/stings/etc. But I finally took a little leap of faith and decided to try it anyways (I am my own guinea pig and will eventually try everything at some point). 
It has 2.5% retinol, which is apparently more than pretty much any other product. It doesn't really burn (although it does make my face pretty red for a few minutes, but it goes away). Overall, I totally LOVE it. It moisturizes my face better than anything I've had before and I use it every night. It is a pretty big tube too, so you get a lot out of it.

Would I buy it again: yes

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