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by - 3/22/2016

2 weeks ago I went back down to Arizona. I really do enjoy Utah and being here for school, but man I miss my desert so much! There are times where it is cold and the sun doesn't seem to come out for an entire week...it drives me NUTS. It was so nice to go soak up the sun and smell the beautiful orange blossoms! Oh my goodness guys, they're amazing. If you ever go to Arizona, do it in the springtime. It is perfect (also, my self-tanner is so bad in this picture, I know haha. On Instagram you can't really notice, but now that I've blown it up, I totally notice how bad it is! Just bear with me, I am experimenting with lots of self-tanners right now and will do a post if I ever find one I really like). 

 I went down there because my cute cousin, Hunter was getting married! Hunter is my age and we have always been such good friends. So happy he found the cutest girl to marry!
They got married in the Mesa Temple and I hadn't been there since I got married, so it brought back the absolute sweetest memories :)
I enjoyed most of the lovely wedding festivities alongside my other favorite cousin, Haley. LOVE THAT GIRL. We are like two peas in a pod and I SO WISH she was in Utah. We would party the days away.

 Kody protests all of our selfies with this face...I have just kind of come to terms with it. I still think he is cute so jokes on him :) Anyways, last weekend we went to the movies for date night! We decided that we want to go on a date at least once a week (although now because we don't have kids, every night is basically date night...woo!) We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane. It was scary/good but had a dumb ending that pretty much killed the whole thing but still...the movies are ALWAYS a good choice. 

Ohhhh how handsome is my brother!!!??? I took some pictures of Bailey when I went home because he is working on his mission papers! I can hardly believe he is old enough to go on a mission...even though I guess we are only 2 years apart so it makes sense. Still though, it's just crazy how fast time flies! He is honestly the coolest, sweetest, funniest kid in the world and is going to be the best missionary. I am SOOOO beyond excited for him.

Guys, my life is just a big, sad battle of me deciding whether or not I should drink soda. Lately the 'should' side has been winning (I am literally drinking one as I type this). All of the soda places in Provo make it REALLY hard for me to slow down. 


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