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by - 8/25/2016

I am so excited to be talking about a new brand of makeup that I just discovered! I love love love discovering new cosmetic products and I am happy to say that I really loved the Essence products I tried! Here's a little review of each thing! :)

I have literally tried every mascara known to man. Every one. The expensive, high-end ones, the $1 elf ones. ALL OF THEM. The I Love Extreme Mascara was amazing because not only did it say it was waterproof, it actually WAS waterproof. When I go swimming or to the beach I have gotten into the habit of taking off all my eye makeup because I don't trust it not to bleed all down my face when I get wet. I wore this last week when we went to the beach and it didn't smear or run at all. Awesome stuff!

Next is the Lash Brow Gel Mascara. As you know, I have the most insane, disobedient eyebrows on the planet, so I jump on any product that will tame them. This gel does just that! I put a little bit on my brows every morning. I am sure it would be great for lashes too, but I just use it for brows :)

My favorite product out of all the ones I tried was the Liquid Lipstick. It honestly was just that - a liquid lipstick! It didn't get all dried out like normal lipstick, but it also didn't come right off like lip gloss. It is a perfect combination of the two! Somehow thick and shiny at the same time! Not to mention the color is GORGEOUS (this is the shade "colour party"). 

Lastly, I got to try the Essence Long-lasting lipstick. I love this stuff whenever we go out on a date or whenever I need something that will last. I have been able to eat and drink (and kiss! ;)) without it coming off (this is the shade "I am Yours")

So there you have it!! Be sure to check out all of the rest of the wonderul Essence products!

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