by - 12/01/2013

I am so grateful that I was able to go home this past week and have such a lovely time with my family.
They are my very best friends, and, quite honestly, the funnest people that I have ever known. 
I just got back about an hour ago, and I am so sad that it is over. Seriously, I absolutely despise goodbyes. At the airport I was fine. But now that I am back, it stinks all I feel like doing is crying. 
But in less than 3 weeks I'll go back, so I guess that it's okay.
The past five days have been filled with lots and lots of eating, playing/watching/talking about/hearing about football, talking to mom for hours (b/c we had SO much to catch up on), hanging out with cousins, walking around the mall, hiking in the desert, laughing at stupid things, and just enjoying life.
 The airport was an adventure in itself.
The last time I flew was when I was like...2? I think? So basically, it was my first flight.

 Driving to the airport...I could hardly contain myself.

I waited in the wrong line for like 30 minutes, and kind of felt like a dork, but I figured it out eventually so it's okay. 
It was everything I imagined. It thought it felt like a roller coaster when it took off. Why everyone wasn't putting their arms up and screaming? I don't know either.
Some people thought I made way too big a deal of it, but come on people. You are literally FLYING at about 400mph through the air, 30,000 feet above the ground. If that's not exciting, I'm not sure what is.
What was even more exciting was who was waiting for me when I got there! :)

 The tree is up!

The greatest brothers in the history of brothers...rockin' their ASU apparel. 

Isn't the desert just BEAUTIFUL? Some people think its dry and ugly, but in the winter it is way warmer and more beautiful than all those frozen, dark places so, jokes on them.

Can I just take some time and say that my parents are the coolest ever?
Now that Gunnar is getting older, we can all go do super cool things together, like go on crazy hikes and stay up late watching Jimmy Fallon and movies and stuff, and lemme tell you, it is awesome! My parents do cooler things than most people that are my own age. I just love them. Anyways.

It was absolutely awesome.
Bye, AZ, I miss you already!
Now me and Megan are in our cozy living room being classy and watching star wars.

And now.
It is the most wonderful time of the year.
Youguysiamsoexcited :)
 Happy December!!! 

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