Going and Going

by - 11/24/2013

November is such a wonderful month.
I could do without the awkward, creepy mustaches that come with No Shave November which, at BYU, are getting pretty bad.
But other than that, it is a beautiful time of year.
The past week has felt like a giant weekend. I have gotten a minimal amount of sleep, and I am not sure how clearly I am thinking, but it's okay. 
There is constantly something going on around here. Which can be a good or bad thing.
Whether that be basketball games to go to, papers to write, tests to study for, boys with motorcycles to hitch rides with, yummy food to eat, cold weather to walk in, an apartment to clean, midnight premiers to be seen,  awkward first dates to go on, disco-skating to be done, chick flicks to be watched, and everything in-between. 
Basically everything that could possibly happen this week, happened. 
I also got a job at a cute little cafe on campus, which I absolutely love, but it makes things even crazier.
Trying to balance school, work, sleep and social life can be very tricky, but I'm learning as I go.

^^My first couple basketball games of the season!

 ^^The last home football game of the season. Can't believe it is over! Me and Ashlin (and usually Lindsey, Haley, Megan and Danielle) successfully made it to every single home game, rain or snow, and they were so much fun. This last one, however, was FREEZING cold. You think by now I wouldn't be surprised, I mean, this is November in Utah.

 ^Cosmic bowling with Spencer (don't mind my awkward snapchat). So much fun! I still haven't broken 100, but I'll get it soon!

^Once upon a time I got 100% on my Comms101 test! 
And so did Lindsey. It was a happy, happy time.

A few weeks ago, we were talking and we were saying that even though we were so excited to go home for Thanksgiving, we were kind of sad that we didn't get to have a thanksgiving here. So then some of my roommates decided that we should have one the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
We decided to also invite a few friends. But, to our surprise, there were waaaay more people there than we had planned. I didn't know half the people there, but whatevs!
It's okay. It was fun, and we ate very, very well. :)

Life is good, but it sure is filled to the max. 
I am so grateful that today is Sunday.
Then I get to go home in a few days and be in my warm desert with my favorite people, and stuff my face. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks!


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