by - 11/02/2013

Halloween is an okay holiday.
BUT. It marks the beginning of the best time of the year. 
So I'd say it is worth celebrating. 

The night before Halloween consisted of carving pumpkins with Spencer and watching Duck Dynasty. It is safe to say that I am now a pro pumpkin-carver.
Halloween night nobody really knew what to do until like 9. 
Then we just decided to get dressed up and go to a crazy person party in downtown Provo. 
Things I learned that night:
-just because you're in Provo doesn't mean that there aren't crazy people
-"dances" don't always involve dancing. Whoever said, "okay. here is a fun idea. lets get as many gross, sweaty college kids as we can, and cram them into a really tight place. Then lets play music and have them stand/hop around and get stepped on" is the worst. I think we should go back to the 50's style of dances.
But whatevs.
It was definitely a party. 

Also, elder skousen was spiderman.

And now....it is OFFICIALLY time to enjoy the best season ever.
Mall cop, shopping, sweaters, christmas music, going home for Thanksgiving...
I can't wait you guys. 

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