Reasons to Love This Past Weekend

by - 11/10/2013

Dear weekend, why did you come and go so fast?
It seems like every time I am glad it is Friday, BAM, it's Sunday night and I am getting ready to begin another week. 
This weekend was too good not to write about, so here we go.

After the longest week I have had since beginning school, I went up to SLC to the "Family and American Constitutionalism" conference.
Basically, it was a great event with lots of really great speakers from all over the country, talking about the foundation of our country, and how it is dependent upon the family unit.
I was one of very few students that weren't political science majors.
 I met some totally awesome people and had tons of fun!

I don't mean to be one of those obnoxious people who takes pictures of their food, but oh well. And don't worry, that is just white grape juice. 

 The next evening I ran (literally in heels and a dress, carrying all my stuff) to catch the frontrunner back to Provo, and made it with about 3 seconds to spare. The sunset on the way home was to die for. It reminded me of Arizona and of how excited I am to be there in a few short weeks. 

I ran into my apartment, changed and then left to hang out with Spencer.
We went and looked at the Mt. Timpanogos temple (which is absolutely beautiful, by the way), saw Thor 2, and then drove up the canyon and got to see tons of shooting stars for hours.  
So good. So fun. 
Sitting through early morning church today? Not so fun. But still good, as Sundays always are around here.

Basically, this weekend was the greatest one yet. 
Brace yourselves for another college week.

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