A Beautiful Weekend

by - 11/03/2013

One lovely (and freezing) Saturday morning, I got to hike up a beautiful waterfall with my friend Devon, and some other cool kids.
Before we left, the boys made us a pancake breakfast and it was super yummy.

Saturday night consisted of going to a little bit of Stake Conference, then meeting up with my friend Spencer and going to the basketball game and then to get some free frozen yogurt! After that we drove up Provo Canyon to the top of Squaw Peak, a pretty high mountain with a BEAUTIFUL view of Utah Valley. It literally took my breath away and it was such a fun night. So bummed I didn't take any pictures. So just imagine what it looked like and let's pretend I did. 

Then, after being spiritually fed in stake conference, we walked outside to see SNOW.
Real, literal, beautiful little pieces of ice that were falling from the sky. 
It was my first time being in actual falling snow, so I flipped out a little bit and made a fool out of myself  and got way too excited.
No shame. It was uh-mazing. 
Now our cute apartment is filled with the warm sounds of Christmas music, and we won't turn it off until December 26th. 
Hello, November, my dear. You are the lovliest.

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