Be $mart

by - 12/02/2013

College is so expensive.
Paying for tuition, a laptop, and food can be a lot, especially when you are right outta high school.  
And on top of that, all of a sudden, you actually have to BUY textbooks. When each class requires up to four books, things can get very, very pricey.
Ya, it's rough.

Luckily, this year, I decided to rent a few of my books, and oh my goodness you guys, it is THE way to go. 
Instead of buying my $300 geography atlas book, I rented it for the semester for like 14 bucks. Because lets be honest, I will never open that thing again after this class is over. Renting books can literally save the average college student hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year. 
The book I rented this year was from I like them because they have free shipping both ways, you can highlight all you want in them, and they donate part of their proceeds to a sweet organization called Operation Smile. Plus if you do buy a book from somewhere else, you can sell it to them with their new program on
Renting books- it's a total win-win. If you are a college student, do it and you will be so glad you did. 

Annnd now it is time to read some more about cells and all that fun stuff.

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  1. thank you!! this is so helpful! I think I am actually going to sell them my books from this semester!