Home For Christmas

by - 12/26/2013

After a LONG week of finals and a full day of driving, I am so happy to be home. The time home has been so nice so far. 
 Sunday night we went over to the lights that were put up at the temple. It is one of my very favorite things to do at Christmas time. It was beautiful as always!

 I've missed these two sooo much!

Even though last week was absolutely nuts, I somehow managed to get a little package put together for Elder Skousen. 

Then on Christmas morning I opened up the last present under the tree to find that it was a surprise package from that guy. I was pretty dang happy needless to say :)  

 Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! 
Also, Haley U. won the infinity bracelet giveaway! Congrats girl! E-mail me so I can get that to ya. :)

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