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by - 12/15/2013

Getting ready for finals has been making me go crazy.
But it's okay. In less than one week I'll be all done, and I'll be driving home where it is supposed to be a toasty 79 degrees. I got this. 
I am still getting used to these less-than-perfect Utah temperatures. 
This past weekend it got to -3 degrees. 
Sometimes I look around and ask, what on Earth am I doing here?!
But I still think the snow is absolutely beautiful, so it's okay.
This fun week consisted of lots and lots of studying, movie nights, and more studying.

Then last night, me and the roommates and some other cool people hopped on the train and rode to temple square/city creek mall and it was great. The best part was probably the train ride. And, of course, the temple. It is beautiful there and I just love it.

We all had fun sitting in awkward, spaced-out seats on the train. Ashlin and Megan were way excited.

 Kody came with us and we had so much fun with him and his sick panda shirt :)

Aren't my roommates just the cutest girls of all time??

  Isn't it the most gorgeous thing ever??

Finals start tomorrow. And my brain is about ready to explode. Prayers, treats and wishes of luck will be greatly appreciated. 
Oh and stay tuned for an AWESOME giveaway tomorrow :)

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  1. I love the lights at City Creek and Temple Square! :)