Thanksgiving in Arizona

by - 12/05/2017

A few weeks ago Kody had a few days off school and we headed down to Arizona for Thanksgiving weekend! We were only there for a few days but we had suuuuch a nice time. It was warm and sunny and so nice to hang out with family. Thanksgiving is the best!

Jack missed Grammy Olsen and she missed Jack! They hung out a lot together (including a few mornings when she took Jack so mom and dad could sleep in. It was the BEST). Seeing your parents be grandparents to your baby is so, so, so much fun. I wish they could see each other more! 

Jack also got to hang out with Great Grandma and Grandpa (and got to go to Matta's for his first time)!

One morning when we all went out to breakfast, Jack tried his first lemon and it was soooo funny. He loved it and kept wanting more!

Jack also got to meet and hang out with Great Grandma while she is recovering from surgery!

One morning I woke up to these pictures on my phone. My parents thought it would be funny to put a little clip-on extension in Jack's hair and he ended up looking like Donald Trump (except cuter). 

Jack wasn't used to the warm Arizona weather so a lot of the time he looked like this ^ Haha, it is so funny how much he loves being in just a diaper. He gets in the funniest mood!

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

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