2017 in Review

by - 12/31/2017

Highlights of 2017
(warning: photo overload)

-Watched my baby bump grow and grow and tried our best to prepare for our baby.

-Celebrated 2 years of marriage by going out for steak!

-Had a baby shower

-Went on a spring break trip to California with my family

-Finished working for BYU Radio (AKA my favorite job ever) and made a really weird face in this screenshot

-Started a business!

-Completed my last semester of college! + my senior capstone project while huge and pregnant (and trying super hard not to slip on ice all winter long)!
-Graduated from BYU with a bachelor's degree in Communications (journalism) and a minor in Family Life

-Turned 22, and a few hours later....
-...became a mom to the sweetest baby boy EVER

-Watched my husband become a dad :)

-Dealt with PPD and went on TONS of walks around Provo

-Celebrated 4th of July by watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks from a grassy spot by the Provo Rec Center + eating Cold Stone

-Took Jack to Arizona for the first time
-Jack flipped me off on a daily basis while I was feeding him

-Went on a fun trip to Lake Nacimento with my in-laws

-Left Provo after being there for almost 4 years and moved up to a new apartment in Salt Lake City
-Kody gave Jack a blessing at church

-Took Jack to California for the first time

-Our little family dressed up for Halloween

-Went to Arizona for Thanksgiving

-Had the best Christmas ever in Park City!

-Be better at reading scriptures
-Be more spiritually-minded
-Live a healthier lifestlye

Happy New Years!!!


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