Christmas 2017

by - 12/26/2017

This year we had Christmas here in Utah with the Van Dusen side! We usually LOVE going down to Southern California to be with them but this year they came up to us and we had a super fun, white Christmas in Park City. I usually love the sunny, beach Christmases but it was super nice to only have to drive 30 minutes instead of 10 hours :) PLUS it was the first time I had a white Christmas so that was awesome. I looooove being married and getting to see and be a part of my husband's families traditions. They are super fun. 

It was Jack's first Christmas and it was the cutest, most exciting thing to watch (even though I don't think he really had any idea what was going on). It's funny. When you're a little kid, things like Christmas or Disneyland or things like that are SO magical. Then you get older and they aren't as great as you once thought. BUT then you have kids and allllll of the magic comes back. Especially when there are other little nieces and nephews running around, playing in the snow, leaving cookies for Santa and doing cute things like that. It is so much fun.

Jack has been getting BOTH of his bottom teeth over the last few days so he was a little bit fussier at times (like in these pictures). Poor buddy! 

Opening his 'big' present before we left home! Oh my goodness, look at how fuzzy his little head is!

Jack wearing grandpa's silly hat!

Jack and Aunt Kati. 

Jack and Tanner hanging out and living life to the fullest.

Christmas morning in his fancy Christmas Jammies (1 of 2).

I don't care how old he is or how much he pulls away, I will ALWAYS and forever squeeze my baby boy just like this.

Opening his first present!

I think the wrapping paper was his favorite thing. 

Jack and some of his Van Dusen cousins in their matching jammies on Christmas Eve! HOW CUTE are all of them! Oh my goodness, they are just the sweetest little things ever

One of the best parts of the day was talking to my younger brother who is in Idaho on his mission (along with the rest of my family who is in Arizona). It was the best! He has been a 'zone leader' for a while now and I can tell he is such a great leader. He also hasn't changed his personality (which I am so grateful for) and is still the funniest, goofiest kid ever. I just love him. I miss him SO MUCH, and I can't wait until he comes home in 6 months and our family will all be together again! I have always been so close with my family (especially my two brothers...they are like my best friends) and it makes me sad to be so far from all of them lately..but it makes it so much more fun and exciting when we are together. Adding Kody and then Jack into the family and it is ALL of my favorite people in one place (even if it is via video chat). Having all of my favorite people together at the same time = literally my favorite thing in the entire world.

On Christmas day Jack went on his first sled ride (a teeny little 'hill' in front of the house we were staying in) with daddy! Don't think he really noticed or cared about it too much but he loved looking at all the snow! Kody is definitely winning the spot of the 'fun' parent so far. He really is the best dad to little Jack. 

Love him more than words could EVER explain.

Merry Christmas!!!!


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