2018 Goals + Resolutions

by - 1/02/2018

This week the weather has been unusually warm and sunny, I haven't had a flat soda yet, and Jack has been especially cute! I would say that as of day #2, 2018 is off to a great start! I thought that today I would share my new year's resolutions. There is something so therapeutic about starting a fresh, new year and writing down your goals in a permanent, public place (a.k.a the internet). Here we go!

Study the Book of Mormon

I used to be a total rockstar at reading my scriptures. But since I had Jack, I have found NO TIME to read them! And when I do have time, I don't really want to (I know, I feel bad saying this, but it's true sometimes! My brain just feels so exhausted and fried sometimes so ancient scriptures just don't sound appealing). It is ironic though because I have noticed that the times in my life where I am not motivated to read them are the times that I need them the most! As a wife and now a mama, I NEED the inspiration and guidance that studying the scriptures brings, and I am determined to be better about that.

I am kicking it off by joining my missionary brother (as well as my husband) in a Book of Mormon scheduled reading challenge where you read it all within about 85 days. Super excited to read and study it alongside those two guys! :)

Live a healthier lifestyle

Notice that I didn't just say "loose weight" because those can be two very different things! I do have about 10 lbs to loose before I am back to my pre-baby weight so I do hope to loose that very soon but above all I want to be and feel HEALTHIER. I want to eat more vegetables! Drink more water! Eat less meat, less sugar, less white flour. And (and I feel very hesitant saying this), I'd like to drink a little less of my beloved diet dr.pepper! Not cut it out completely (yet) but just slow down and replace it with lots of water.

I want to get in a better workout routine once cold+flu season goes away a little bit (so I can feel better about taking Jack to the gym daycare) and until then workout every day here from home, even if it is just a short little workout!

I want to stress less and breathe more.

I want to eat more meals at home and eat out less.

I want to do all I can to live a healthy, long life and be a good example to my son and my family!

Be nicer to myself

Ever since I was little, I have been realllly hard on myself about so many things. I feel like there is always this little nagging voice in the back of my head urging me to do better and better. It can be a good thing and is what has often helped and motivated me get the things done in my life that I have so far. But sometimes (especially lately) it is a total b***h. I can't even explain how inadequate I feel some days! I tell myself  things like "you really need to be a better mom, because you kind of suck at it" or "you should be WAY more of a spiritual person, you suck at living the gospel" or "how the heck is your baby weight not all gone yet? So-and-so had a 6-pack and ran 3 marathons by this time and look at you! You just suck, suck, suck." IT IS AWFUL, I know. And it is something I really, really need to work on even though I sometimes don't want to because I feel like I deserve the criticism (does that make sense to anyone? I don't know, oh well). But it is definitely something I am praying for every day. I think being more patient with myself, noticing the good that I am and do, and feeling more confident in myself and in my abilities will help me be a better wife, mother, business-owner, daughter, sister, friend, etc, etc.

Other random goals

-participate in some conventions/trade-shows with Ivy Avenue!
-do my visiting teaching
-write more (on this blog and over at mytimetoblossom.com where I will start writing this year!) 
-make more mama friends!
-do a specific, personal, purposeful act of service for Jack and Kody each day
-learn how to cook more foods!
-budget better, spend less
-be PRESENT in the moment. set aside certain times each day for business stuff, social media, cleaning the house, etc, but be 100% present when doing things like playing with Jack, eating dinner and relaxing with Kody.


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