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by - 11/09/2017

Okay, I am SO excited for this new post series I will be doing over the next few months! I am planning to feature a new Etsy shop I discover every couple of weeks or so. I am a HUGE Etsy fan because I love, love, love being able to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. So excited to share my awesome finds with you guys! 

To start things out, I want to talk about Bluegrass Design. It is such a cute little shop with SUCH unique earrings. The pieces are so simple yet flashy at the same time and I am in love with them! 

Sydney, the shop owner, is the sweetest girl with the CUTEST aesthetic (and handwriting). Her Etsy shop has amazing reviews and is too adorable for words.

I think these Tassel ones are my favorite of the bunch (it's a tough one). I have been finding every excuse to wear them!

How incredible are these Mermaid earings!??!! (Remember that children's book about the pretty rainbow fish from when you were little? That is what these remind me of!) I am obsessed with staring at them. 

These Teardrops are to die for and come in different colors!

Anyways, do yourself (and every girl on your Christmas list including me) a favor and snag some cute pieces from Bluegrass Design

Stay tuned for more of my Etsy faves!


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