Peplum Plaid + Business-Owning

by - 10/06/2017

I snagged one of these tops from my shop and I am in love with it! Sometimes when I am photographing the items I just fall in love with one and have to keep it for myself :)

So far Ivy Avenue has been running for 6 months!!! It's crazy....I feel like I JUST started it. I have seriously learned so much in the last 6 months and I have had SO MUCH FUN doing it!

Owning a business is a crazy thing! It is full of constant risk and is so scary but so fun at the same is impossible to explain! I took a few business-related classes in college and they have definitely helped but nothing can really prepare you for running a business besides just doing it. 

Ivy Avenue is just a small, little baby of a business but as of a few weeks ago we officially broke even and are starting to make a profit which I am so excited about! My original goal was to do that within the first year so I am super happy that it didn't even take that long! My next goal is to get 10k followers on Instagram...not sure if that's going to happen but we'll try :) I'm not going to pretend that I totally know what I'm doing, because I don't! I have made plenty of mistakes and am learning every single day!

A lot of times I get asked, "how did you start your business?" or "I am wanting to start a clothing boutique...what advice do you have for me?" Honestly my #1 piece of advice in that arena is to JUST GO FOR IT!!!!! Don't be afraid, just start it! As long as you are being smart financially, you don't really have anything to lose. Jump in and don't worry about what people say. Owning a business is just as risky for millionaires with MBA's as it is for is HARD but you can totally do it no matter who you are.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who has supported my little business! I have been amazed by all the support I've gotten and it has been so humbling! If you would like to collaborate, or just have ANY questions about business-owning or anything related to that, give me a holler! I'm an open book :)


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