Little Leap of Faith

by - 4/10/2017

Warning: this post (and my brain) is kind of all over the place so just a heads up!!

Remember a few posts ago when I was thinking of starting a videography company??

Well, I am still into that. But when I was planning it all and getting it set up, I wasn't really feeling all that into it. I don't know why, but I decided that it isn't something that I that I really, really want to do. Not right now at least. So, that little idea is kind of taking back seat for now!

For years now, I have been dreaming of starting my own clothing shop. Since we first got married, I have have talked Kody's ear off about how I would set it all up online, what I would call it, how I'd run it, etc. I have just been way too scared to do it! But after saving up some money, talking to my parents and thinking it over with Kody, I decided to stop dreaming and start actually DO-ing.

I don't know what it is but ever since I was little I have always had this desire to 'start something.' I set up lemonade stands constantly, started my own 'baking class' for little kids in my neighborhood, went door-to-door promoting my super cool dog walking business (why did my parents let me do that?!), made a 'babysitting club', and started a photography business with a crappy, pink $60 camera from wal-mart. And I would make my poor brothers, cousins and little neighborhood friends do all of this with me (sorry, guys!) I was all over the place, constantly. I thought that whole huger-to-be-in-charge-of-something-ness would go away, but it hasn't! It is still there.

When we were in Arizona last weekend I talked a lot with my dad (who is the most experienced entrepreneur I know and who I blame for passing along the crazy entrepreneur gene) about it. He gave me so much awesome advice about setting it all up. My dad has always been so ambitious and could care less what people think of him or his ideas which is something I admire so much and is a quality I hope to have someday! The best advice that he gave me though, was to simply not be afraid and to just 'go for it!' Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and watch person after person live your dream just because you are too scared to do it.

Last Tuesday afternoon I sat down and said a little prayer. And then I officially registered Ivy Avenue as an LLC!

It was scary. Lots of legal paperwork that I had to read over and over again, making sure I understood it all. 


Soooo, who knows what could happen! I am hoping that it is a success and I can help contribute at least a little income for my family as a mom with a newborn but we'll see. It could all blow up in my face and be a huge disaster. But since it is such a small business and there isn't much risk involved, I say bring it on! I am ready to learn and grow and have fun in this new little adventure. If it all falls apart, I will take what I learned and do something else. I could always re-launch my lemonade stand business ;) However, I think (and hope) that it can be a success! Over the past couple of years I have learned a lot about advertising, social media, clothing companies, graphic design and all kinds of other little skills that I think can really help this thing work.

I also happen to have the most supportive husband and family anybody could ask for, which has been HUGE.

Right now I am getting all my inventory purchased, organized and photographed, setting up the website and social media channels and doing all of the fun math that comes with selling things, but I plan on officially launching in May.

This is all while I am working part-time, taking 18 credit-hours in school and dealing with all the fun fatigue that comes with being 7 months pregnant so, bear with me as it is starting off a little slowly :)

Until then, pleaseee help by following and liking my shop on Instagram and Facebook. I will be doing giveaways and all kinds of fun promotional things! I also plan on selling via Instagram at first until the website is all set up. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping me with modeling, photographing or collaborating in any way, let me know!

I plan on starting out carrying women's church-type clothing at first but my dream is to expand and be able to carry shoes, swim suits, little girls clothing and all types of other stuff!

Oh and by the way, the first few items I ordered came in the mail yesterday and they are way cute!! Not even saying that because I am selling them. They are seriously so cute.

ANYWAYS. Wow, I wrote way more than I originally planned to but oh well. There ya go. Wish me luck!!! :)


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