by - 4/30/2017

This past week I graduated with a BA in Communications (+ minor in Family Life) from BYU!! 
It is so weird to say that. I am so happy to be done but now that I look back I feel like my whole college experience went by WAY too fast!

When my parents dropped me off at Heritage Halls almost 4 years ago, I had NO IDEA what would happen! If you would have told me then that I would be leaving with a husband and a big baby bump, I would have laughed! I have learned that some of the very best things in my life aren't necessarily all planned out by me but that the Lord does have a plan. I won't go into all of the specifics, but it is CRAZY how things have weirdly fallen into place over the past few years and my heart is so full. I have had the coolest professors, met the most awesome people, had the most fun job, met the love of my life and learned a TON. I remember my old bishop in high school telling me I should apply to BYU because "that place was built for you"...I thought he was a little bit nuts for saying that but looking back, he was totally right! I don't care what anyone says, BYU is seriously the best school on the planet.

I had a little bit of a hard time standing up for soooo long in heels and being 8 months pregnant but I am happy to report that I was able to walk across the stage and get my diploma without falling (although I did trip and fall the next night in front of everyone at P.F Changs, but that's a story for another time). 

My family (minus the missionary-brother) came up for my graduation. I cannot even say how much I love these people. They mean the world to me and I LOVE the times when I have all of my favorite people gathered in the same place :) Living 700 miles away from my family hasn't gotten any easier and I am the happiest girl in the world when I get to see them. Especially my best friend/mom!!! She is seriously the best and I already miss her so so much. 

I am so especially grateful for Kody. 
Getting a degree and learning and all of that other stuff was great and all, but if I am being 100% honest, meeting him was the best thing I got from BYU :) He is the sweetest, most supportive guy in the world and I love him so much!!

Thanks for all of the sweet words and wishes!! <3


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