Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

by - 3/20/2017

How Far Along: 29 weeks. HELLO 3RD TRIMESTER! :)

Baby is the size of: a butternut squash

Total weight gain: 35 lbs. I have really, really been trying to eat healthier and move around as much as I can...so I am a little bit confused about where all this weight came from! I struggled with it for a little bit but then the other day it hit me that I only have a few more short months with this pregnancy but I have the rest of my life to worry about the way I look and to workout hard and do all that. So I am trying to just soak it up! I really do enjoy being pregnant and want to take it all in while I can. No matter how 'fluffy' I get!

Symptoms: In just the past week I have started experiencing a dull pain under my right rib, especially when I sit down. The doctor said it is just my uterus growing and pushing up against me right there. Baby boy is kicking and moving around all the time! Sometimes (like when we're in the car for 11 hours) it gets uncomfortable but I love it so much! I can just feel him growing and getting stronger and it is the coolest thing. It is crazy to look at old ultrasound pictures and see how much he's grown. Sometimes when he is moving and Kody or I poke him, he kicks/punches back and we go back and forth. It is the funniest little game!

Heartburn, new stretch marks (in some really random paces), feet/ankle swelling and lots of peeing are also things that have continued for me. So glamorous!!! 

Cravings: It honestly changes every day!! Last night it was jell-o and today it is deviled eggs. So random! 

Exercising: Yoga is getting a little bit hard to do. I find myself "modifying" like 1/2 of the moves in class because bending, twisting and balancing are becoming more and more difficult. I keep getting told that I should try out a prenatal yoga class and maybe I will soon. For now I just like to do the treadmill, elliptical and a little bit of weight lifting too. And now since it is getting SO NICE outside, I try to go on walks everyday with Kody after school/work! It is seriously one of my favorite things to do.  

the cutest baby daddy there ever was!!

Discoveries: Last week the girls in my husbands family got us a pack n' play! I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT! We also got a beautiful rocking chair from my in-laws and a stroller/car seat set from my parents. I love all of it! Sometimes I just go into the baby's room and look at everything and imagine how wonderful it will be to be able to use it. Baby gear is too fun! I think we have all of the 'big' stuff (except a bassinet and maybe a swing?) so now I am trying to get all of the 'little' things here and there when I go to the store. It is hard to know exactly how big he'll be so hopefully I am getting enough of the right sizes of onsies and diapers? Hmmm....

Today I had my glucose screening test! I had to drink a really sugary, kind of gross orange drink and then get my blood drawn an hour later to test for gestational diabetes. For some reason I am super freaked out that I have it (even though with modern medicine it is fairly easy to take care of). Earlier in my pregnancy I had a hard time eating things that weren't sweet so I am afraid that might have messed up my blood sugar levels and all that. Not sure if that fear is legitimate because I have heard that anyone can get it, no matter how you eat but we'll wait and see!!

Looking Forward To: my baby shower this weekend!! 


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