Favorite Spring Shoes (So Far)

by - 3/03/2017

Today's post is super duper quick BUT I just got these shoes and had to talk about them because of how cute they are!

Last year I just about died when I saw these cute Chloe Wedge Espadrilles . But like $660 for a pair of shoes on a newlywed college student budget? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. 

I looked everywhere for dupes but couldn't find anything. Then finally Marc Fisher released these super cute ones that were like 1/5 of the price of the Chloes! I was so happy but they were still a liiiitle pricey for me.

Then the glorious day came a few weeks ago when Steve Madden released some HERE for $59!! They aren't at Nordstrom or anywhere besides DSW yet so get them before they're gone!

I was so happy that I bought them right away. I LOVE THEM. I haven't gotten a chance to wear them much outside yet (thanks, Utah) but I have worn them a little bit and they are so comfy. Go grab some now before they sell out!!! :)


Here they all are so you can compare :) The links will take you to their site.

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