2 Years

by - 1/17/2017

Can you believe Kody and I have been married for two entire years?? I'm not sure where the time has gone!! I just have to take a minute to document how the last two years have been and my feelings about my sweetheart.

The past 729 days have been full of doing all kinds of things together- laughing, holding hands, arguing about genres of music, working out, living in crappy apartments, traveling from Provo to Mesa to Southern California over and over, watching Netflix, taking late-night trips to Sonic, going to the temple, playing card games, and lots and lots of kissing! :)

Everyone says marriage is hard. And yes, at certain times it is. But I grew up thinking it was going to be a lot more difficult than it has actually been. Maybe I just got lucky or something but it is WAY easier than I thought! Nobody probably believes me, but it's true. Yes, you have to work at things (keeping an organized budget, learning how to live with another person, arguing about stupid things, etc) but it is the type of work that you are okay with doing because you love your spouse so so so much.

Kody is the best husband I could have ever asked for. I am not just saying that. I literally don't think there is anyone in the world I would get along better with. He has made the last two years the best of my life so far. Sometimes I'll just be sitting there (in sacrament meeting, before I fall asleep, while he's watching football, while we're driving, etc) and think "man I just love that guy so much." I am forever in debt to my Heavenly Father for helping me find such an amazing man, and to my Savior for making it possible to be with him forever.

This year things will change because it won't just be us anymore. I anticipate that having a baby will bring a whole new series of challenges and adventures but I have no doubt that we can take on anything! I will work until the day I die to to anything and everything I can to make him happy and to make our marriage the best it can be. 

Happy two years, baby! So excited for what the future brings!!


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