New Year

by - 12/26/2016

The end of the year always gets me thinking about my life and taking a good look at what I am doing and where I am going. It also makes me want to take some time to plan for the upcoming year- especially this year.

In 2017 I plan on graduating from college and then (shortly after) becoming a mother and then moving to a new city. Needless to say, some pretty big changes are coming up this year and I could not be more excited for them!

I get asked a lot, "what are you going to do after college?" and "what kind of job do you want?" Although I believe motherhood is more important than any successful career I could ever dream of, I want to help support our family while Kody is in school and I feel like I have the know-how (and the degree) to do so. Up until a few months ago I thought I had it all figured out- I would finish up with school and then apply for a job as an on-camera reporter in Salt Lake City. I had had my resume and demo reels all set up and I was feeling pretty good about them! But a couple of super interesting classes (and a positive pregnancy test) had me re-thinking everyyyything and for a long time, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. I mean, I really enjoy the whole journalism-world, but a demanding, full-time, on-call job is not possible with a little one at home unless he goes to a nanny or daycare and I don't want to do that.

So, over the past few months I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. I have always been the type to have a lot of different hobbies and interests. When I was a little girl, I felt like all of my friends had their "things". One girl was a gymnast, one played volleyball, and so on. I would get frustrated because could never decide what my one "thing" was. I liked gymnastics classes, and I liked a bunch of different sports, but could never settle for just one thing. When I went to college, I decided on a communications major because I knew that I could do a variety of different things with my degree. I always thought my in-decisiveness was a bad thing, but lately I have realized that it is good! Through all of it, I have been able to learn how to do a variety of different things.

For those who have asked, the whole "advertising-on-my-blog-and-Instagram" thing has been great, but I never planned on making it into a means of making a living; it has mostly just been for fun. I also don't feel comfortable being a "mommy blogger" and posting all kinds of photos of my baby online for the world to see, so I plan on slowing down on the advertising-type stuff (although, I will keep the blog for fun).

So, I decided to combine some of the business things I've learned, the social media, the advertising, the writing, the filming and the editing into something I think I can do as a mother of a newborn. After a lot of thinking and praying and talking with Kody, I have decided to start my own videography business this year!

I have done a lot of wedding photography in the past and really enjoyed it (and learned a ton), but after taking some filming classes and learning how to really edit video, I have found that I can bring more to the table than just photos. Since I was young I have loved making little videos and I think it is something I could really be good at and enjoy!

Yes, I hope to do some weddings, births, parties and things like that, but I plan to implement my own, unique twist on everything and really focus on other film projects that I will talk about more later :)

Over the next few months, I hope to set up a totally new website, get my hands on a few new things equipment-wise and get this thing going. I will be in school and work more than full-time this semester, so it might take me a little while to get it all together, but to answer everyone's questions regarding what I'm doing after I graduate- there ya go!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to a wonderful year!


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