Bumpdate: 14 weeks

by - 12/09/2016

How Far Along: 14 weeks (2nd trimester, YAY!!)

Baby is the size of: a fist

Total weight gain: about 7 lbs....not super proud of that but hoping the gain will slow down when I can get back to the gym.

Symptoms: Still pretty queasy, but it is starting to finally go away I think! I am still super tired too, but again, it feels like it is leaving! From what I have read/heard, the 2nd trimester is a lot easier so I am crossing my fingers I can start feeling more like myself again. Especially as we get ready to go to Arizona for a few weeks for Christmas. 

I am also so thirsty all the time. I can't get enough water, no matter how much I try. I drink so much and have to pee constantly. It has gotten so ridiculous that I had to ask my doctor, but he said it is normal! 

Cravings: Sour/gummy candies. Sweedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, all that stuff! I used to not like that stuff so much but now I LOVE it. I also am a big fan of Spaghetti-O's lately. SO RANDOM, I know. I haven't really had it since I was a kid, but one day I was at the grocery store and it caught my eye! So yummy. Kody thinks it's gross but oh well :)

Struggles: Scary dreams. I have had the craziest, most vivid dreams since I got pregnant! I really have to be careful about what shows/movies we watch before bedtime. The rule is that if we watch a Walking Dead, we also need to watch an episode of The Office afterwards, haha. I am such a baby lately. 

Exercising: I have slowly started to get back into my workout routine. It is so hard going from working out 6 days/week, to working out 0-1 day a week, and then trying to go back. Especially when you're super tired all the time. I have just been walking/running or doing yoga, but the other day I was able to get on the bike again! Spinning classes are my FAVORITE and I have missed them so much, so hopefully I'll be able to get back in the swing of things soon.  

Discoveries: Today I had a doctor appointment just to go over blood work and check baby's heartbeat. Everything came back great and the doctor said the heartbeat was "beautiful!" It was so clear and was 160 beats/minute. Such a cool experience! So happy our little peanut doing good in there! :)

Looking Forward To: FINDING OUT THE GENDER. I honestly don't know how people can wait until they give birth to find out. I am so antsy about it! We aren't supposed to find out until the 19/20 week ultrasound, which wouldn't be until after we get back from Arizona, but I would really like to surprise my family for Christmas with it! I found a place here in Utah that does gender reveal ultrasounds for a pretty low price and am thinking about going there next week, so maybe we'll find out then! I am just so eager to buy cute little clothes and start to decorate the nursery and all that stuff.

People keep asking me what I want the gender to be. Honestly I go back and forth all the time! Little boys are so cute but so are little girls! I have always imagined myself having a little boy, but I feel like it is going to be a girl. I have no real reason to think that, but for some reason I think it will be! Kody does too. So do my parents and my friends. So, we'll see! Maybe we'll be right or maybe it will surprise us. Either way, I am SO excited to find out.


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