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by - 12/15/2016


Like I said in my last post, I totally thought this baby would be a girl. I didn't mention, however, that I was secretly wishing it was a boy! Kody thought it would be a girl and so did pretty much everybody else I talked to! I had pinned tons of baby girl outfits on Pinterest and we started thinking of girl names. I thought for sure it would be a little gal, even though I was secretly crossing my fingers for a boy. I did't care that much, but I have always imagined myself with a boy first. I don't know. There is just something about little boys that is so sweet and adorable. Maybe it is because I grew up with brothers. I don't know!

We ended up going to Fetal Fotos, an ultrasound place here in Utah, for a 14.5 week ultrasound (it is an awesome place). I wasn't sure if we would be able to see anything just because it still seemed so early on, but thought we'd try anyways. They had a big TV on the wall so we could see the baby so clearly and we were SO suprised by how much he had grown since the last ultrasound! His little head and profile were so cute and clear!!

For the first few minutes he had his little legs crossed so we couldn't see anything! I tried moving around and shaking him a little bit and although he was a stubborn little guy, eventually we were able to see as clear as day that it was a little guy!!!!

We couldn't believe it! But then right away, it all seemed so right. It was our little boy!

He was jumping all around and scratching his little face with his little hands. Every time I saw him moving, I would laugh and that would make him move even more. It was so surreal. I couldn't get enough of watching him.

Kody said afterwards that his face was hurting because he was smiling so much! It was the sweetest thing ever!!!! He is so excited. I am now crossing my fingers that this little guy is as cute as his daddy! I am SO grateful to have my best friend right by my side through this whole thing. Laying at the ultrasound place with him right next to me was one of my favorite memories. He is going to be an amazing daddy :)

We also got to Arizona yesterday and got to tell my family in person! They are so excited too. Time to start the baby shopping!

Thank you so much for all the sweet wishes! It means the world to us! We really have the BEST friends/family/aquaintances and feel so blessed.

So beyond excited!!!!!!!!


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