by - 12/30/2014

Today I sat down and read a bunch of huge, 2-inch thick bridal magazines. All of which were great entertainment, but they also reminded me of all the things that I haven't done right/haven't done at all/should be doing but am not.
I am also reminded that I am a 19 year old/lds/college-student type bride, not a 30-year-old successful business woman, so I guess my reception in a cultural hall might not be the classiest event of the season.
"...it is very important that every one in the bridal party, as well as all family members are wearing the right shades of the wedding colors. It is also important to be sure that the hairstyles and accessories are all complementary of one another."
Lets be honest, these colors aren't going to be perfect.
I have no idea what to do with my long and stubbornly straight hair.
And I'm not 100% sure yet but I think my flower lady just bailed on me 2 weeks before my wedding.
I do have the most supportive and helpful family and future family ever. 
I have the most sacred and holy place on earth scheduled. 10:30 am.
And I have the sweetest, best future husband that anyone could ever hope for.
So when you look at it that way, the colors and flowers do not even compare to the importance of what is really going to happen that day. So to you-know-where with the magazines.

Also I bought some wedding shoes yesterday that are absolutely FAB. So we're good.

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