Favorites From 2014

by - 1/01/2015

2014 sure has been one of the very best years of my entire life. Ya, probably the best. 

Getting used to my first winter in the cold snow of Utah.
Really starting to date Kody, and doing so many fun things while getting to know each other.
Trips to California with him.
Finishing my freshman year at the Y.
Summer trips to the beach.
The most fun week-ling trip to the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell with the Van Dusens. 
Agreeing to marry the love of my life, and then taking self-timer pictures right after it happened.
Enjoying all my sweet time at home with my brothers and family.
Going to lots and lots of BYU football and basketball games.
Meeting and having a super fun semester with my roommates. 
Making our engagement official by getting pictures done.
Losing my mind trying to plan a big wedding, but having so much fun doing it (still in progress). 
Celebrating the best time of the year with the best people ever.
I could put 1,000,000 more pictures of this year, but that would probably just bore you all. 
And as of about 10 hours ago, it is 2015.
This will definitely be a year of new things and "firsts." 
Like I do every year, I wanted to set some new goals and resolutions. Only this year will be a lot different because in about 15 days I will be somebody's wife.
What? How do you be a wife? I've never done it before. 
So far I am learning as I go, and hoping to be the best I can.
Hope you all have the happiest new year that there ever was, because 2015 is going to rock. 

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