The Merriest

by - 12/27/2014

Right now it is 12:01. My brain won't stop thinking, so it won't let me sleep.
For some reason all my thoughts, ideas, and realizations decide to come to me in the wee hours of the night. Thanks guys. 
So, I will take this time and catch up with all that has been going on this wonderful Christmas season. because it has really been so much fun. 
I somehow made it through all my finals and completely moved out of my apartment in just two days. It was the most hectic 48 hours ever, but before I knew it I was out of school and above the pretty clouds, heading home.

My sweet fiance got to come and spend Christmas with my family in this beautiful, sunny desert and we had a great time. He fits in so well with my dude-oriented family. Video games, football, inappropriate jokes, football, food and more football. 
All I can say is thank goodness I have my mom. Us girls gotta stick together around here.

It was so nice, because just for a few days, I had all of my favorite people all together, under the same roof. I wasn't missing anyone, they were all with me and it was such a happy feeling :)

I LOVE HIM. And miss him. And get butterflies in my stomach thinking about the fact that the next time I will see him, we will be getting married.
20 days.
My goodness, life is crazy. 

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