Another Random Ramble

by - 12/12/2014

S/o to BYU for putting up these pretty things all over. It makes me get little excited butterflies in my stomach b/c CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON (I am 10 years old). And it makes walking home from the library at midnight a little bit less painful. 

Finals are starting in t minus 2 days and I have already gotten ridiculously tried of  completely given up on studying. 
I mean, why would I study when I can just eat goldfish and watch Breaking Bad with Kody?
That show is really doing a number on my mental sanity. I have had scary dreams about about running from drug dealers the past few nights. Oh well. These 5 seasons aren't going to finish themselves.
I have had to restrain myself from thinking/planning/worrying about anything having to do with the wedding. At least for the next few days to "focus on school." 
Also I have to move out the day of my finals.
How has my brain not exploded?
If you see me walking around at school with a giant bun on top of my head and no makeup, please just give me a pat on the back and congratulate me for getting out of bed. Also give me a caffeinated beverage, diet dr.pepper would be nice.

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