Things I ❤ Right Now

by - 10/02/2014

1. When Kody decides to wear my glasses and make all sorts of interesting faces. I love that face so much I just want to squeeze it every time I see it.
2. How great it feels to be all done with work for the rest of the week! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS.
3. When people you don't know super well stop you at school and tell you they read your blog. What?! People actually read this thing?? I feel proud.
4. Dr.Pepper. Everything in it. Everything about it. Always and forever. Also I love people who share my obsessive love for it. They are the greatest humans I know.
5. The fact that general conference is this weekend! Oh hey. I love being able to listen to the prophet AND wear my pajamas at the same time. #doublewin
6. Getting sweet texts from your dad who is 700 miles away, and is the busiest man in the world, but somehow still manages to ALWAYS find a way to make you feel so good :)
7. Fall clothes. Even though it's chilly around here, it means that it is prime time for perfect long-sleeve, soft, cozy, cute outfits. It is a great, great thing to not have to worry about your legs being too white. You know you love it too.
8. Fall smells. (Bath and Body works. Go there now.)
9. Everything about fall, really.
10. Getting to call the temple and reserve a date to get married. It is a great feeling when you are finally able to do something that you have worked your entire life for.

Hurray for days where you feel so happy that you do a little happy dance when you're alone in the elevator. 

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