A Few Days At Home

by - 9/29/2014

Right now there is a little voice in the back of my head, softly screaming, telling me how dumb I am for not writing my 6-page essay that's due tomorrow. But I will just ignore it for a few more minutes while I catch up on life.
You guys, life is crazy lately. I never knew how many different things go into planning a wedding. Seriously, there is just so dang much! Don't get me wrong, I love being engaged and I CANT WAIT TO GET MARRIED.
Once we get these big important things outta the way (where we are going to live, dates, booking venues, photographers, honeymoon, etc), I think it will be nice to just get to figure out the details. 
Right now I am running around like a mad woman. School is hard and sucks up a lot of time. Then there's work. Then, planning a wedding is hard work. But it is even harder when you are in a different state than the whole rest of your family, and where you are going to get married.
So, it was soooo nice to sneak home this weekend and just chill and get things figured out.

One pretty big thing that I got figured out was my dress! With the help of all these lovely ladies of course :) They all came to the bridal store and watched me try on dress after dress. 
I don't know about them, but I had a ton of fun.
I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to find a pretty, modest dress in Arizona.
But, to my amazement, I found the PERFECT one.
All these years of watching Say Yes to The Dress finally paid off.
Can't wait to wear it for real!

I also got to spend time with my favorite guys at an ASU football game.
They are the greatest brothers the world has ever seen and I wish I could just bring them to Utah with me.
All in all, it was a very successful weekend. I was shocked when I stepped off the plane early this morning and it was 50 degrees. I was very tempted to just turn right around. 
But I am back to be with my cute fiance.
So, I am good :)


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