College Snapshots

by - 9/29/2014

Life lately has been INSANE.
So much fun, but SO much.
My mind is going 100 mph. I know I need to catch up on my blogging, but here are some little bits of what has been going on up here in P-town....

These are my cute roommates! They are so much fun. I am really sad to leave them after just one semester, but way excited to get to live with...

...THIS GUY. We love cheap student bowling downstairs at BYU. We also love modeling the hot bowling shoes. Also I beat Kody that night which is a VERY big deal.

Junk food is my life lately (just workin towards that hot wedding bod).

Kody turned 22 a few weeks ago. Have I ever said how much I love him? Well I love him a lot.

Lots of late night pool-playing with goofy people....and just stuff like that.
Halla. Life is good.

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