Bye Bye Summer

by - 9/14/2014

It's that time of year again.
The fun yet crappy time to say goodbye to my family and home, and say hello to round two of college. It is the perfect mix of sad but totally exciting, all at the exact same time.
Yes, all that life right now consists of is textbooks, schedule-changing, reading boring things and going to bed early (well, kind of early).
But let's not forget about those super fun last couple weeks of Summer 2014, which were some of the very best of all time!

I really wish I had more time to write about every little thing that happened but here are the main highlights:
-daily lunch dates with my cute mom
-Being reunited with Kody after a long summer apart and being able to hang out in 110 degree Mesa for a whole week. Yay!
-Family mountain/fishing trips
-Hiking Camelback mountain in the dead of summer
-Roadtrip with kody to the Grand Canyon
-Lake Powell with the Van Dusens


So now here I am, back in Provo, studying my bum off and eating lots of Mac n cheese.

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