Conference Weekend

by - 10/05/2014

The past few days proved to be another super fun general conference weekend! It was super busy but full of great messages, awesome people, and YUMMY food. 

On Friday I had a classy little scholarship banquet. It was so fun to meet all kinds of wonderful people including this awesome guy ^ who helped sponsor my scholarship this year. I am so happy to attend such a wonderful university. 

Then that night was the BYU vs. Utah Stae football game.
It was a sad loss BUT how can you be sad when you get super hot, free sunglasses?!

After the guys went to Priesthood session, Kody and I met up with my grandparents who were visiting Salt Lake, and we ate at the fancy Rooftop restaurant where we all ate way too much, but didn't feel bad one little bit.

Today was spent on the couch in my pj's with this funny guy right next to me, listening to uplifting talks spoken by the leaders of our church. 
Richard G. Scotts talk, especially, made me melt. 
This gospel truly is life changing, and if anyone could use a little pick-me-up, should check out these sweet, 10-minute words of comfort and encouragement.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I really really am not ready for it to be Monday.

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