Take a Minute

by - 7/27/2013

Lately it feels like life is just going a hundred miles an hour. I'm not really sure why. Maybe its because its summertime and this time of year always seems to fly right by. Or maybe its due to the fact that I have been working at a super fast-paced resturant. Or even because I am feeling a little bit stressed out, trying to get everything ready to start college in a month.
Or maybe its just a big mix of all those things.
But the other day, the sky looked like this, and I just had to take a break for a second (there is nothing like an Arizona sunset you guys).
I sat out on the back porch and watched as the sun went down and a summer tunderstorm blew in.
This really is such an amazing world, and and I fell bad for not noticing it as often as I should. The little things in life are actually the big things.
Go out and notice something wonderful today, and have a happy, happy weekend!


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