Free Week

by - 7/18/2013

I spent all last week hanging wit my mama and these two cuties, hitting up every free thing in town (it is easy to run out of things to do in this heat).
Because the best things in life are free, right?

I absolutely ove these two. They can drive me crazy sometimes and make me so frusterated, but how can you not just adore them? Honestly. 

First was some free slurpees at the ol' 7-eleven. I hadn't had one in years and I forgot how much I loved em. Especially those straws with the little scoop-ish things on the end. Those were definitely one of the highlights of my childhood. 
Next day was free meals at chick-fil-a! That is, if you dressed up like a cow. Do we have a cow costume? No. So Instead we made bunches of cute little cow spots and worked 'em pretty good if do say so myself.
Lastly was some more free fun, walking around Bass Pro shop. Gunnar got a little gun, so maybe that wasn't free, but it was pretty close. 

I know, cows have the best sense of humor. 

I sure do love these little brothers of mine and the fun summer adventures we have. 


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