Paper Flowers

by - 7/03/2013

Okay guys. So yesterday I found this little idea, but like most crafts I see, I decided to tweak it a teeny bit. They were super super easy and all of them took me like a half hour. All you need is:

-plain paper towel/toilet paper rolls. It takes about one toilet paper roll to make one flower.
-hot glue
-a can of spray paint of your choice
-glitter (optional)

So basically you just take the rolls and cut them into pieces into whatever thickness you would like (I did mine about 3/4 in). Then you hot glue together five of the pieces and ta da! You have a cute little flower. Spray paint them, glitter them and do whatever you'd like with them!

 I think they are the cutest things ever but I honestly have no Idea what to do with them? I feel like I could eventually use them in my dorm somehow? Not quite sure. If any of you are super creative and do something cute, let me know.

Happy flower making!! 

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1 sweet note{s}

  1. Hi, you are so cute. Make a bunch of them and then run a string or a strand of Christmas lights through the petals! That would be so cute for a dorm! Love you sweet girl!