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by - 7/17/2013


Okay, so I don't normally do these, but since the adorable Maddy nominated me, of course I will! 

1. What is your favorite clothing article?
Oh my goodness. I am literally obsessed with JEANS. I wear them waaay too much. I honestly don't even know why. I guess it is because you can wear them with can dress them up and make them super cute, or wear them on a lazy day with a t-shirt (which is usually the case for me). Everybody needs a few pairs of good jeans. 

2. What is your life motto?
Oooh. Good question. I really love quotes. LOTS of quotes. But one that I think is really good is this one by the wonderful Abraham Lincoln via


3. Paper or plastic?
Except for most of the time I say plastic.

4. What color is your hair?
It is currently medium brown, But naturally it is a dark blonde-ish!

5. What is your favorite movie?
Titanic. Hands down. I could watch it 1,000 times (which I probably already have) and never get tired of it.

6. If you could live in any time period, what one would you choose?
I think it would be so much fun to live in the wild west! To wear big dresses and ride around on horses with guns. Haha. Not to mention the attractive & rugged cowboys. It'd be so fun. 

7. Is the glass half full or half empty? 
Half full! 

8. What is your favorite physical trait about yourself? 
Oh, well this is a little bit awkward. Hmm...I just love smiles. Even though mine is not the greatest, I absolutely love whenever anybody smiles, even if their smile isn't perfect. 

9. Who is your hero?
 My dad. ever since I was a little girl I always looked up to him soooo much. He has such a go-getter attitude, and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. Love my pops!

10. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Definitely Christmas. July 4th comes in at a close second, but oh my goodness. The whole Christmas season is the most wonderful thing ever. I love how, even if people don't want to admit it, most of the nation/world does celebrate it in one way or another. Everyone seems a little bit nicer and more united as they think about the birth and life of our Savior. Plus, Christmas movies are absolutely great. 

11. What is your biggest goal/dream in life?
I really want to get a good education, get a degree, start my own business, and stuff like that. But by FAR, the biggest goal and dream in my life is to eventually be a good wife and a mama. I seriously can't think of anything else I'd rather spend my life doing. Right now my goal is to be the best daughter/sister/friend that I can be as well. Family is definitely the most important thing in the world.

11 Random facts about Ivy:

1. I am obsessed with Full House and I have a major crush on Uncle Jesse.
2. I love love love to bake & make food.
3. I have the best mother & father in the world.
4. I LOVE the desert.
5. I have two little brothers that I adore so so much.
6. I go away to college in one month and I am SCARED TO DEATH. But excited.
7. My best friend is currently serving a mission for our church.
8. I love road trips. Being in the car, listening to music is one of my favorite things.
9. I am the oldest grandchild in my family and I have 24+ cuuute little cousins.
10. I want to be a florist someday. And a news reporter. And a lot of things :/
11. I think that life is the coolest, most exciting thing ever!

Instead of specifically linking and nominating people, I say that if you are reading this and have not done it yet, I nominate you! Answer the following questions and then list 11 random facts about yourself. Be sure to leave a comment linking to your site so I can read yours!

So here are the questions I ask:
1. If you could go anywhere on vacation for two weeks for free, where would you go? 
2. Your most embarrassing moment. Go.
3. You get to choose only one makeup item to wear for the rest of your life. What is it?
4. If you could spend the entire day with any person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you do?
5. What is a challenge that you have had to overcome in your life and how did you do it?
6. What is your favorite place to shop?
7. Talk about where you grew up. And your favorite memories as a kiddo. 
8. If you could compete on any game/reality tv show, which one would you be on?
9. Celebrity crush? 
10. Why do you blog? 
11. If you could send a one-sentence message to everybody in the world, what would you say?

Stau tuned for a super lovely giveaway next week. 
As always, thanks for reading! 


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2 sweet note{s}

  1. So true about Titanic, that movie never gets old I swear.
    That's awesome you want to start your own business! What kind? And where is your best friend serving? Goodness so many questions for you! haha I apologize, I'm just curious!

  2. Oh, no ask away! Haha. I really am not sure what kind...maybe something like a wedding/event planning kind of thing? And he is serving in North Carolina!