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by - 4/02/2019

Recently we switched up a few little things in Jack's bedroom and since I never did an official nursery post about his little baby room, I thought it'd be fun (and helpful) to do one on his big-baby/toddler room!

For this room (and for so many things in our life right now lol) I was determined to make it cute while sticking to a very, very tight budget. I think its fairly easy for anyone to make a room cute when you have lots of money to spend on it. When you don't want to spend a lot- that's when the challenge starts! I tried to find links to all of the things I bought in his room but since a lot of it came from random places it was hard. I did try to link the similar items I could find (at similar price points) so hopefully that will be helpful! You can scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for all the links :)

I love the idea of a grey and white themed room. There is a lot of blue added too and I figure grey is a good idea because I can save most of this stuff for any other babies we have, and it'd be easy to throw in some cute pink pieces if it happens to be a girl. I am all about super soft, comfortable, classic and calm colors for a room.

His crib is the Delta Emerson 4-in-1 and I love everything about it. It was easy to set up and it just so darn cute. Plus it can convert into a big-kid bed and even a full-size bed as well. So happy we got it.

We just switch between a few different Cloud Island fitted sheets from Target (listed below). They are $9.99/sheet. They were the cutest ones I could find without spending a fortune. Wal Mart had some cheap ones but I just didn't like them. Maybe they have better ones now though!

I found the cute elephant pillow at HomeGoods and couldn't find the exact one so I linked one that's similar. I HIGHLY recommend hitting up Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx when it comes to baby/kids bedroom decorations!

His little stuffed bear (he calls Ben) is from Wal Mart and his little doggy is one he made at build-a-bear.

I talked about these photos in my Instagram stories last week but in case you missed it they are from a site called Printer Pix but I ordered through Groupon (they were so cheap!). I love them!

I found this little Toy Storage Bin at Target and it was perfect for his room and for all of his little toys!! I don't think a full-on toybox is necessary at this point and this little box is just so cute. It also comes in pink! His basketball hoop is from Kody's Parents and is Fisher Price. He is obsessed with it. 

The little elephant piggy bank was from Burlington but Cloud Island makes one just like it for about the same price. I found the photo of Jesus with the children at Deseret Book and just framed it with a frame we already had. The little elephant basket-holder thingy is also from Home Goods and I'll link similar ones below. Having a little place to but baby lotion, diaper rash cream, etc is so helpful!

I found these J-A-C-K letters at Michaels. They were originally white (it was impossible to find any already-grey letters) and I just painted them with some wood/craft paint from Wal Mart!

We don't have any dressers in our home (we want them someday but since we are likely moving soon-ish we don't want to be dragging any super heavy pieces of furniture around) and we use this 3x3 cube storage for Jack's clothes! I love it. We found it + the bins at Target (our cubes are 13").

I put a little over-the-door shoe storage thing on the back of Jack's door for his little shoes, socks, burp rags, bibs and other random things! Soooo convenient.

Jack's cute aunt Kati got him this little rocking horse when he turned one and he LOVES it. It is the most perfect little rocking horse!!

Love my sweet little boy!!!!


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