Spring Break Trip- 2019

by - 3/18/2019

Last week Kody had his spring break. It just so happen to line up at the exact same time as my high-schooler-brother's spring break so we all met up in the town that Kody's parents live in and hung out in sunny California for the week :) It was one of THE most fun weeks I have had in a long time! I love having all of my favorite people together in the same place. 

-visited the Great Balloon Park in Irvine. Totally reccomend it!
-looked at the new Anaheim Ducks training facility that Kody was excited about
-drove up and down PCH while Jack took his nap
-Went shopping, ate lunch and walked all around Hunntington Beach + the pier. I have always enjoyed it there since I was young! 
-Went to a bunch of different beaches and just  r e l a x e d. It was so nice having two brothers + both sets of grandparents to help watch Jack. 
-Went to DISNEYLAND!!!! a.k.a one of my favorite places on planet earth. It was Jack's first time and it was sooooo magical to watch him enjoy it! I hope we are able to keep going back over and over with him and any future babies :)
-Watched Jack play with Kody's parents cat, Reba. Not so sure she loved him but he LOVED her and it was so cute to hear him wake up and beg to see the "kitty cat". 
-Walked around the San Clemente Outlets
-Ate at lots of yummy resturants (I mean, that's what vacations are for, right? Que the Jim Gaffigan bit about food on vacation.)

I am still in awe whenever we drive around the area, that Kody actually got to grow up there. When I was little I remember learning that people actually lived by Disneyland and the beach (I always wondered where they went on vacation?) and I was so jealous! And still kind of am. It is just such a beautiful place!! 
Taxes, politics and traffic are seriously out. of. control. But still. So beautiful! I hope we are able to continue to visit regularly forever :) 

Here's a little photo overload!
Seriously though, not even 1/8 of the pictures I took. I am a picture-taking addict these days thanks to my new, amazing phone.

Riding with nannie on the carousel! Jack was a little bit afraid at first but quickly started to love it! Every time he came around to the spot we were all standing at, he'd get excited and start shaking and waving to us. 

Then we went to ride on the big orange balloon and his little shoe fell off right before we took off! It was so funny and cute just sitting there, I had to take a picture.

Loved the view from the top! Such a cute little place!

Handsome Jack with his pop-pop waiting to eat some yummy mexican food!

It just so happen to be my dads 50th birthday while we were there and it was such a great day! I LOVE my dad so much.

My in-laws have the prettiest backyard/pool/hot tub. It was so nice to set the hot tub at a good temperature and let Jack play in it. 

So it turns out that Jack actually thinks sand is yummy! Like...what!!!?? He kept trying to sneak it in his mouth and it was everywhere! Silly baby!

Jack and uncle bailey watching the waves.

Waiting in line for Small World! Jack sat with his mouth wide open during the whole ride, in awe of all of the songs and dolls. He LOVED it. 

My mom is the cutest ever!!!!

How handsome are my guys???? (also, Kody is a definite #dilfofdisneyland)

Juice break while everyone else went on the scary rides!

One day we rented bikes in San Clemente and rode them on a long path by the beach. So fun!

We had so much fun!!
See you next time, California!


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