Microdermabrasion with Microglo | Review + Promo Code

by - 3/04/2019

For the past couple of years (yes, YEARS) I have been in the market for a personal microdermabrasion tool. I have watched so many YouTube videos and different online tutorials and after such a long time, I finally got my hands on one!

This is the Microdermabrasion Kit from Microglo. It comes in this cute, white box which includes a how-to pamphlet, the device itself, five interchangeable heads, a USB charger and a baggie with a bunch of filters.

 I started using the device about a month ago and since that time have noticed a huge difference in the way my face feels overall. Microdermabrasion is a process that removes the outer layer of skin (dead skin cells, makeup buildup, oil, etc) and reveals a much healthier, fresher layer of skin! It is a verrrrry pricey spa treatment that I can now do at home when I want to pretend I'm at the spa and enjoy some "me" time!

It comes with 5 different device heads that differ in roughness. I find that the #2 suits my skin best! Before doing any kind of microdermabrasion, I make sure allllll of my makeup is off my face. I also remove any moisturizer and also prefer to use a light exfoliating cleanser to make sure my skin is 100% clean. I then pat dry with a towel and start the process. The Migroglo has four different suctioning strength settings that can be easily changed by pressing the main button. I use the second setting for most of my face and occasionally use the third setting for more clogged areas like around my nose.

At first I used the product 2x/in one week and have since switched to using it once about every 10 days or so. My serums, moisturizers and makeup apply MUCH smoother and I love it so much!! I even did a YouTube video talking about it in more detail.

If you're interested in grabbing a Microglo, use code IVYLAUREN on their website for 20% off and let me know if you have any questions at all!


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