Spring 2019

by - 5/21/2019

It's been a little while since I did a photo-roundup-type post on here so I thought now would be a good time! We haven't gone on any trips or to any crazy events or anything so this post is just about some of our normal, everyday life we have been living lately.

The flowers are blooming and the sun is (usually) shining and life is good! Kody is in his final semester of school and we are trying to figure out and nail down all of the specifics for our plans for when he is done. We are planning on moving to Arizona in a few months or so (we have been here in Utah for a long time. For Kody it has been 7+ years and 6 years for me. We have truly enjoyed it but at this point are ready to leave). It is s t r e s s f u l trying to figure out all the details of moving to another state, transferring over my business license, deciding where specifically to move, looking into jobs and just planning the future out in general! We are both so easy-going, hard-working and adaptable though so I'm sure we will figure it all out. Still though, so much stress!

Other than that, everything is going really great! Jack is almost TWO (going to write a seperate post about that), we are now able to spend time outside after a long, cold winter and we are just having so much fun. Here are just a *few* of the photos I've had on my phone from the past few weeks!

The prettiest flowers at Trader Joes! If I had the $$ I'd be buying flowers from there every single week. I absolutely LOVE fresh flowers.

Got a letter board from Target the other day and decided to do a little instagram post with it! It got more likes (by faaaar) than anything else I've posted and helped me gain a bunch of followers so that was cool!
Jack and I have been spending a LOT of time at the aquarium lately! My in-laws got us a pass so we are able to go whenever we want! Jack LOVES the animals (especially the sharks) and he gets to play on the fun, indoor playground they have there too. 

Jack found a little cat on our walk the other day!

Family date night to Temple Square and City Creek mall. So grateful for these two and the temple ordinances that allow us to be together forever.

My chunky side braid!

On Cindo de Mayo we had sweet pork burritos and ate them outside on our little patio :)

Me trying to take a cute selfie after church, forgetting I was carrying around Jack's motorcycle :)

Cutie in his PJ's and puppy slippers!

Obsessed with the balloons every time we go to the grocery store.

Kody and I have been able to go on some dates to the movies lately! My sister-in-law Kati is always so sweet and watches Jack every now and then (he LOVES her). We saw Avengers and John Wick the pas couple of times and had SO MUCH FUN. I just love my husband and getting to be with him!
On a walk on the path by the river.

Jack ALWAYS has to have a car in his hands. Always!!

Playing on the playground

Our little family on Easter Sunday

One weekend we watched my sister&brother in laws dogs and jack was in heaven! As soon as we live somewhere where we can, we want to get our own dog!

The most perfect thing in the entire world.

Our stoic little man at the Utah State Capitol building.

Jack is so independent lately and one of the things he INSISTS on doing himself is brushing his teeth!

Trying so hard lately to find time (and desire) to get to the gym. I feel so out of my "mode" lately and I'm not sure why. 

Some pretty flowers Kody got me!

Hanging out at the outlet mall.

snuggle bugs!

One day a few weeks ago I was having a rough day (I don't even remember why) and my mom told me to go get a soda and a burger and enjoy it! So i did! :)

One night Jack went and found his swim suit and asked me to put it on him. He's obsessed with it! I think he knows that whenever he wears it, fun things happen (pool, beach, etc) so he wants to wear it all the time and it's so funny.

playing at the spinny toy at the park!

Jack imitating me on the phone!!!! :)

Making a ramp for jacks cars and trucks.

Jack singing :) He knows so many songs and my heart melts when he sings them!

Kody has been playing rec league basketball and it is so much fun to go watch his games every monday night! Jack loves cheering and watching all the guys running, jumping and shooting!

Jack loves his books and Kody loves sitting and reading them to him. Kody really is suuuuch a good dad to Jack and I can't even put into words how much I love the two of them.


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