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by - 1/29/2019

Hi! I am super excited to be teaming up with the cutest book company called Language Lizard for today's post! Lately I have been posting a lot of parenting tips + tricks, and different activities I've been doing with Jack on my Instagram account and they have been huge hits! I'd really like to post about more parenting and child activities (because let's be honest, that is what most of my life is now! :) So, here we go!

Jack is a HUGE fan of books. Before he was born I bought a lot of books because I thought they were just too cute to pass up, and I remember thinking, "is he actually ever going to read all of these?" Little did I know, he was going to love them and want so many!

Language Lizard caught my eye because their books are classic stories you've likely heard of before, but each book is written in English and another language too! Obviously Jack is too young to fully understand, but I think it will be awesome to read him these books and show him the other languages as he grows and learns! So many studies have been done about how beneficial it can be for children to be bilingual and I think helping younger kids become more familiar with other languages can be so helpful as well.

I think these books are awesome for any English-speaking native child, but I also think they would be AMAZING for kids who are native to other language and are trying to learn English!

These stories are so cute and I look forward to reading them to Jack (and any other babies I have) for years to come. If you are a mama (or aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc), you need to check them out! You can use this link code GIFTDEAL at checkout for a 10% discount on Language Lizard gift certificates!

Happy reading!


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