Christmas in Arizona

by - 1/08/2019

Since Kody and I are from different states, we switch off going to the others' parents for Christmas and Thanksgiving every year. This year we went to Idaho for Christmas to stay with Kody's sister and then we went and visited my family in Arizona for Christmas! Kody got three weeks off from school so it was a nice, long break that we were able to spend in the warm Arizona sun. My brother got back from his 2-year church mission in July so it was so fun to all be together for Christmas for the first time in a while. We had a blast!

bye, snow!

Me & Jack went out to lunch with my mom a bunch of times and it was sooo fun. I loved just hanging out with her and being able to eat outside a lot as well :)

We went on a BUNCH of hikes. It is one of our favorite things to do when we are down there.

Making little gingerbread houses at my grandmas house one night. Jack loved it!

Kody and I even got to go on a nice date night while my parents and brothers watched Jack. We went to P.F Changs and Sugar Bowl and walked around downtown Scottsdale. It was a perfect night with just the two of us.

Lots of walks!

My family has a couple of quads that are so much fun to go to the desert with!

Jack and nanny :)

Jack got his very own vaccuum cleaner for Christmas!

Kody and my brothers in the hot tub

One night we went to Barro's pizza for dinner and there was a little kids area right by our table. While we were talking I looked over and saw Jack sitting at his own little table, pretending to drink out of  a little cup! It was so cute, I had to take a picture.

Nothing better than sleepy snuggles with my boy!

Girls night + Jack with my cute mama!

Jack sitting by his first desert campfire.


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