Holiday Season Pictures

by - 1/08/2019

Playing Jack's new favorite game, "horsey"

He had no interest in Santa whatsoever. Just wanted to get down and run around.

He LOVED the tree though!

First snowy Sunday of the year!

Snuggly always 

Jack's first time playing in the snow! He was so confused and intrigued by it at first and just stood there staring at it all.

One night we sat around the table (Jack at his high chair) and made our own graham cracker houses. Kody's gingerbread creation. It was going to be a big, beautiful gingerbread church but he was overzealous and it fell down.

My little house right before it collapsed!

Santa baby!

Trying to get a workout in while Jack ran around.

On our way to go see the Christmas lights!


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