Almost Swimsuit Time!

by - 4/03/2018

For the first part of last summer I was huge and pregnant.
For the second half of it I was barely post-partum and still looked pregnant.

So, needless to say I wasn't super 'in' the mode of trying to find and spend money on a cute swimsuit.

This summer I am not 100% to where I want to be weight-wise but I am way more comfortable in a bathing suit so it is time to stock up on some cute ones! My goal this year is to not spend more than $30 on each suit (it is tough, but TOTALLY do-able), and I hope to share some of my finds on here :)

Yesterday the CUTEST suit arrived in my mailbox and I am in love with it. I want the weather to get warm just so I can have an excuse to wear it!!

It is the cutest high-waisted/peplum style tankini with the prettiest pink floral print. It is awesome material and the bottoms are reversible, how cute is that?!

Oh and did I mention it was under $12?? Well guess what. It was!

It is from a China-based website called and it is totally legit and safe, take my word for it.

You can click HERE for this suit. It comes in so many cute patterns...I had sucha  hard time deciding and may have to go back and grab some more styles.

It's important to note that China sizing is different from U.S sizing. I am normally a size medium but I ordered up two sizes and got the XL, and it fits me perfectly.

Can't wait to wear it! :)


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