Letter to Jack- 3/26/18

by - 3/26/2018

I have been writing a little letter/email to jack here and there and haven't found a good place to keep them. My email is so messy and I don't want them to get lost so I thought I'd put them here. 

Dear Jack,

You are now 9 months old. You are crawling around everywhere and we LOVE seeing you find and learn new things. You love your books. You love bathtime (and have started to pull yourself up on the sides of it when you want to stand up, which makes mom and dad really nervous). You clap sometimes and a few times you have even waved! You eat anything and everything we give you- broccoli, soda (oops), cheerios, puff snacks, water, baby food, big people food, meat, fruits, and everything else we can think of! Once dad tried feeding you a jar of vegetable turkey baby food and you didn't like it. That was really the only food you haven't chowed down! You are such a good eater. 

Honestly, you are just such a good boy in general. Me and dad always talk about how lucky we are to have you as our baby! EVERYONE always comments on how good and content you are- especially in public. You smile and make cute sounds and rarely ever cry when we are out and about, which makes it very easy to take you places! Mama needs to get out of the house a lot (I get cooped up real easily) and I am so glad you let me!

A few days ago we started taking you to the gym daycare while we workout. I can't even explain how hard that has been for me! I don't want you to get yucky germs from other kids (you put your mouth on everything these days). I also want the daycare workers that I don't know to be nice to you and patient if you get grumpy! Today when i went to pick you up, your eyes were swollen because you had been crying and that made me so sad 😞I do know it is good for you to learn how to socialize with other babies and that it is good for me and dad to get some time to ourselves to work on being healthy! 

Whenever I rock you to sleep (probably half of the nights, dad does the other half), I think about you and who you will someday be. During these quiet moments I also like to say specific little prayers for you. I mean, I pray for you literally every day of my life but these prayers are a little more specific and thought out. Once I prayed for your physical health- that you'd be strong and healthy and that I could do a good job at teaching you to eat well, exercise and to take care of the body God gave you. Another time I prayed for you to always be kind- to always help those who are lonely or sad and to always have a special place in your heart for them. I love these sweet little prayers while I watch you fall asleep. 

I love you more than words can describe sweet pea!!!


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