Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions

by - 3/16/2018

Okay, today we are going to talk about something fun- HAIR!

I have always, always believed that hair is something you should never take too seriously. I think it is a great way to express yourself and that you should have lots of fun with it!

One of the best ways to be able to do new things with your hair is by using hair extensions. They are so much FUN.

I have been using clip-in hair extensions off and on for about 3 years now. I don't wear them everyday- just whenever I want to do a fuller-look hairstyle (like a chunky braid or ponytail or something).

For a while I had been using Bellami extensions. I liked them, but they were SO DARN EXPENSIVE, it's not even funny. I wanted to find a new brand about 6 months ago but couldn't commit to ones after hearing such mixed reviews about the companies (and after looking at their prices...I did NOT want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on things that I only wear every now and then).

Finally a few weeks ago I stumbled on Amazing Beauty Hair, a company I had never heard of but am so glad I discovered.

I got this set in the 20inch length. They were literally one-third of the price I spent on my other ones. THANK HEAVENS! I washed them once with purple/blue shampoo so that they would better match my ashy shade. Then I let them dry overnight. The next day I clipped in 4 of the pieces and curled them with my natural hair.

So far I am LOVING them. Kody thought my hair looked good but had no idea it was fake, which I am so happy about. I don't want my hair extensions ever looking obviously-fake.

They also have tape-in extensions that are more permanent. I like being able to take my clip-ins out so I didn't try those but if you are into that style, I'm sure they'd be great.

Be sure to check out to see all of the styles/colors they have!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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