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by - 11/15/2015

This past weekend Kody went to California to go to a football game with his dad.
Rather than stay here alone for 5 days, bored with no work/school, I decided to grab some last-minute flight tickets (thank you Allegiant!) and head down to good 'ol Arizona. 
I hadn't been home since March, so about 9 months! Too long without my az sun and brown desert. 
It was so nice to go home. Even though I had been gone for so long, it was like I never left! I got to see all of my family and friends that were there and it made me so happy. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, even though they're far away.

We went to the Arizona state fair. Sooo I can check that off for the next five years. I seriously always want to go to fairs and about two minutes into them I am wanting to leave, but it was still a super fun time, mostly b/c I went with these dudes. We are all teenagers now (-ish, I'm 20 so I guess I don't count, but still) and so we don't fight anymore and we just have so much goofy, dumb fun. It is the best.

I got to see my newest little cousin Krew (how cool is it that I have over 25 younger cousins?! SO MANY BABIES TO PLAY WITH :) :) :)

my old man beat the record on this game (only took a few quarters!). I have the coolest dad.

I got to see my sweet friends Allison and Maizy! So bummed that we are so far apart. Why are none of my girlfriends in Provo?! :( 

I also got to be reunited with my HALEY!! Yet another person I wish was in Provo (come on guys, just move up here so I have friends. I am really bad/lazy/awkward at making new ones).

I was kind of bummed to leave the 75 degree desert and come to the mountainous 30 degree utah (I am really not a fan of the cloudy days+snow). But it was the first time kody and I have been apart longer than a few hours since we got married (I have officially decided I hate sleeping alone, thanks) so I was soooo happy to come back to p-town and see my best friend again (major respect for military wives who have to sleep alone for much longer than 5 nights).  
See ya in 2 weeks AZ! :)

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  1. Ahhhh whatttt I'm on here?! Yayyy!! I miss u and want to visit u soon!!! Also your blog is my favorite!